About R8

Established in London in 2015 by a collective of entrepreneurs, technologists and bankers, R8 Group is a UK FinTech group building modern financial services needed to support the growing decentralised economy. With a goal to promote our vision of banking of the future, today we are a majority investor in some of the most promising businesses in the field.

Our vision

Backed by experienced and credible investors around the world, R8’s vision is to create a next-gen ecosystem for tomorrow's decentralised economy. Our goal is to offer trusted, reliable and secure services that customers of all walks can rely on for their everyday banking.

Our companies

R8 now controls two entities, JGOO Limited (JGOO®) and Fibermode Limited (Mode®), as part of its intention to establish global financial businesses with forward thinking technology at their core.

Our team

Combining almost 200 years of highly reputable experience, our team is a collective of entrepreneurs, technologists and bankers with a shared goal of promoting our vision of global financial services of the future.